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 WM Craigslist
So now that you’ve got your WM crew together the next step is to talk about strategy and logistics. How long does it take for a group of wingmen to get really good at picking up women? Two years minimum. The key to a cohesive group is building a strong bond based on friendship, communication and honesty when it comes to picking up women. If everyone gets a couple of numbers on Friday or Saturday then the next week is spent going out on dates and trying to close before the next weekend when you all meet up again.

Carson, CA, US
Roseville, CA, US

 W4M Dating
As I’ve said repeatedly, the group is only as strong as it’s weakest individual. The most individual growth is done Monday through Thursday when you’re actually on dates trying piling up experiences. Before and after every date you should be in constant communication with one of your WM, laying out strategy, bouncing ideas off of each other or reviewing how it went, two heads and all that mess. Here’s where the honesty part comes in, don’t ever lie to your wingmen and say you got some or hit when you didn’t. Lot’s of guys do this and in the end it’s pointless because if you’re not notching as much as you say you are it will show in your game when the group approaches girls. So no matter how bad the date goes and even if the chick turned out to be a dude and asked you to Snoodle with him/her. There is something to be learned and gained by the whole group from the experience.

Covina Ca, US
Palo Alto, CA, US

 Girls Pickup
Now that we’re done with theory on to the good stuff, application. Once you’ve decided on a location to start be sure to meet up with your WM 45 minutes to an hour before the place starts to pick up. This will give you guys enough time to get a couple of drinks and discuss anything as a whole group before it’s time to get to work. The second importance of getting to a spot a little earlier is to get prime location, posting up against the bar (also gives you a chance to get to know the bartender that will be serving you for the night) or getting seats in a preferable location. When picking your spot be sure to go for high traffic, high visibility areas (no not near or in front of the girls bathroom). Remember to keep an open circle to your group, be engaged in the conversation but always be scanning the room.

Stockton, CA, US
Acampo, CA, US

 Free Dating
As things start to pick up you’ll start to notice girls from different groups peeping you and your WM. Whatever you do don’t leave your squad and go talk to the first cute girl that gives you the eye. This is where 85% of WM groups fail, they haven’t mastered putting off the Jail Break Mentality. Guys might show up together to one spot but as soon as they have a drink it’s every man for himself, what’s the point of having WM? HOLD IT TOGETHER! You might be attractive enough by yourself but what magnifies that to women is watching you interact within an “attractive group”. Don’t ask me to explain it psychologically it just is. It’s the interaction of your group and if it’s diversity but when you’re having a good time it triggers curiosity. Are you guys coworkers, college friends, gay…. to the girls checking out your group it may even appear that you guys aren’t there to pick up any girls… at first.

Bakersfield CA, US
Riverside CA, US

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